Getting Here

Warnock Corrals

  • After coming into Joseph, turn east on highway 350 at the Chevron station
  • Follow this highway 30 miles to Imnaha
  • Imnaha has a four way junction, continue straight up the hill towards Hat Point.              This is a steep gravel road for the first 8 - 9 miles
  • Towards the top, you will come to a "Y" in the road, stay to the right
  • Continue on this road until you see some buildings and a fork in the road that either          lead you to Hat Point or Temperance Creek.
  • Follow the left fork to Temperance Creek (4 miles), this will end at Warnock                  corrals (no corrals).
  • We will be waiting just short of the trailhead on the right near a round corral                made out of logs and a green building.
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Indian Crossing

  • From Joseph turn east on highway 350 at the Chevron station toward the town of          Imnaha.
  • About 8 miles from Joseph (on the east side of the first hill you drive over) you will            see Road 39 to Halfway
  • Or, follow road 39 approximately 24 miles (I think) to Ollokott campground but                  before crossing the Imnaha River turn right on 3960(Imnaha river campgrounds).
  • Follow about 10 miles until the pavement ends.
  • Look for a road and green gate on the right.
  • Call us ahead of time for the gate combination.
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