Our Camps

Hunt Location

We are based in Joseph, Oregon with our hunts in the Imnaha, Snake River and Pine Creek Units. Our base camps that we depart from are one to three hours driving from Joseph, depending on the season and unit that you are hunting. Prior to your hunt, we will send you driving directions to the trail head that you will be packed in from as well as exact dates and times of pack-in. 

types of hunt camps

All of our camps are packed in a minimum of 3 miles from the nearest road. 
We situate our camps 3 to 5 miles apart to give your group an isolated hunt. 
 We reserve the right to combine groups in Deluxe and Deluxe Guided Camps not to exceed 4 hunters per camp.

Drop Camp

We provide:
  • Riding and pack animals to             transport you and your                    equipment to the designated          campsite.
  • We will check on you                       periodically during the hunt            and will pack your game back          to camp from a location near a        trail that we can  safely get our        mules to.
  • Hunter must quarter game               and clearly mark the location           of the game.

Supplied camp

We provide:
  • Wall Tent(s)
  • Propane Stove
  • Propane
  • Shovel
  • Wood Stove
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Axe & Saw
  • Lantern & fuel
  • Cots
You supply all of your own dishes and food. All of the same packing services offered with a drop camp will be provided.

deluxe camp

We provide:
  • All camping equipment,                  meals,  and a cook/camp                tender.
  • We do all of the work - you do         all of the hunting.
  • All you need to bring is your            hunting and personal gear.
  • Deluxe hunts are 7 day hunts         (1 day pack-in, 5 days                     hunting, 1 day pack-out)

Deluxe guided camp

  • Includes everything in the               Deluxe Camp in addition to             daily professional guide                   services.
  • Deluxe Guided hunts are                 7 day hunts (1 day pack-in,             5 days hunting, 1 day pack-            out). 

2018 Camp Pricing

Does not include license and tag


  • Drop         $1500
  • Supplied   $2100
  • Deluxe      $3800
  • Guided      $6000

Spring Bear & Turkey

  • Drop         $  900
  • Supplied   $1200
  • Deluxe      $1500
  • Guided      $2000

Rifle Deer

  • Drop         $1050
  • Supplied   $1350
  • Deluxe      $2050
  • Guided      $4000

Rifle Elk Branch

  • Drop         $1850
  • Supplied   $2250
  • Deluxe      $3850
  • Guided      $6000

Rifle Elk Spike Only

  • Drop         $  950
  • Supplied   $1200
  • Deluxe      $2000
  • Guided      $3000

Deluxe Guided
Sheep & Goat

  • Deluxe Guided      $6000

We require a 30% deposit to hold your reservation for the chosen hunt. 

 Contact us early in the year as these are all on a first come first serve reservation basis. 

  If you have to cancel, your deposit will be applied to a future trip or summer trip


 Balance is due 30 days prior to your hunt.

All members of your group will be packed in on the same day.
Additional trips will be charged at $500 per day.

License & Tag Prices


  • Hunting License   $32.00
  • Spring Bear Tag   $15.50
  • Deer Tag              $26.50
  • Elk Tag                $46.00


  • Hunting License   $160.50 (Juvenile $10)
  • Spring Bear Tag   $15.50
  • Deer Tag              $414.00
  • Elk Tag                $549.00