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Shawn and Shelly Steen
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Steens Wilderness Adventures is an equal opportunity service provider and operates under a special use permit administered by the USDA Wallowa Whitman National Forest.

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Steens Wilderness Adventures Camps

What You Can Expect from Us

We will provide you with a quality hunting area. We situate our camps 3 - 5 miles apart to give you an isolated hunt; however, we cannot guarantee that a private hunting party will not camp nearby. We are the only outfitter permitted to pack into the areas you will be hunting.

The majority of our hunts are Drop and Supplied Camps. Our groups are all packed in on the three days prior to the opening day of the season and packed out no later than the third day after the season ends. Since most of our seasons are at least 9 days long, we normally have all camps out by the day after the seasons closes. We try our best to accommodate your preferred date but sometimes it is necessary to pack certain groups together that are going in a common direction. We also honor first paid, first choice system when possible.

We will provide you with a packer that is knowledgeable and capable of getting you and your gear packed in safely. Some of our camps do not have fresh running water and we will pack water to you in the water jugs that you provide. We will let you know if water jugs are needed at your campsite.

Once the season opens, a packer will be checking on you periodically to see if you have game to pack or need additional water. The game will be packed and hung at either your campsite or our base camp. On earlier hunts with warmer weather, it may be necessary for the carcass to be taken to town to a meat locker.

Your pack-out date will be previously arranged. If your group tags out early and wants to come out, we normally can make changes to meet your request.

What We Expect from You

Since we are on a schedule to get every camp in on time, we expect you to be at the pre-arranged base camp on time. We realize that there are sometimes unforeseen situations and we will get you packed in as soon as possible if you are having problems arriving on time.

When you get your game down, it is your responsibility to dress it out and hang it in quarters (elk) or halves (deer) high enough so a bear can't reach it. You should also get it to a location near a trail or ridge top that we can safely get our mules to. You need to take the weather and terrain into consideration when choosing your location. Please mark a clear and obvious route to the trail with bright colored ribbon so we can find it.

On the day you pack-out, please have your camp packed up and ready to go at the pre-arranged pick-up time. If you fill your tag on the evening prior to your pack-out, you will need to get the meat to a trail.


You will need to abide by the load restrictions that follow. The number of pack animals available to you is based on the number of people in your group and the type of camp that you are booked in. A riding animal will be provided in additon for each member of your group.

Drop Camp
Supplied Camp
2 Person Camp

4 Mules

3 Mules
3 Person Camp

5 Mules

4 Mules
4 Person Camp

6 Mules

5 Mules
5-6 Person Camp

7 Mules

6 Mules

Loads will not exceed 70 pounds per side and 30 pounds on top!
Additional mules, if available, will cost $125 each day

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